Indoor & Outdoor Acrobat, Carpenter, Citronella, House, Pavement & Pharaoh Ant Control

Throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, New York Always Ready Pest Control provides extraordinary pest control services commercial businesses and residential homes since 2004. Being fully insured and licensed, Always Ready Pest Control is locally owned and operated, maintaining high moral standards, friendly customers, and superior pest control services. Always Ready Pest Control utilizes modern techniques with professional grade equipment and products to ensure premium results on all services rendered. Included on the pest control Always Ready Pest Control provide is ant control.

Common Ants Found in NYC Homes & Apartments; Acrobat, Carpenter, Citronella, House, Pavement and Pharaoh Ant

Ants invading your Greater New York City home or business can be a real a nuisance. The most common ants scurrying through the Big Apple is; Acrobat ant, Carpenter ant, Citronella ant, House ant, Pavement ant, and Pharaoh ant. No matter the type of ant that is in your commercial structure or residential building, Always Ready Pest Control can rid you of their insidious ways.

How to Avoid Ants & Their Invisible Ant Scent Trails

Ants in general will wander indoors looking for convenient water and food sources. Often, they are attracted to sweet crumbs and protein leftovers. With ants being social insects, they live in a nest with a queen, workers, and soldiers. The workers are out foraging for food, and depending how established the colony, millions could be included in the nest. That fact is while you can disperse with the ants you discovered swarming your commercial or residential surfaces, others continue to come back looking for the goodies. This is because the scout ants leave behind an invisible scented trail to show other ants the way.