Bed Bug Inspections & Control

Throughout Greater Manhattan, New York, Always Ready Pest Control has been standing by to rescue commercial business owners, and residential homeowners from the ongoing invasion of pests. Always Ready Pest Control and our specialists are fully insured, licensed and certified to perform authentic professional pest control. We uphold a high moral standard, friendly customer service and superior execution on all of our pest control services to ensure our customers a positive experience. Included in the many pest control services we offer is bed bug control.

Bed Bug Identification

Bed bugs are running rampant across New York. With convenient world traveling methods and public services accommodating the people, bed bugs are easily transported to businesses and homes alike. Bed bugs are tiny, oval, flat and a dull brown color; however after a bloody meal they appear reddish and engorged. They are roughly the size of apple seed, and they are easily missed if you are not looking for them.

Where do Bed Bugs Hide During the Day?

Bed bugs are nocturnal and will consume their blood while you, their host slumber. In small numbers, they stick to the bed during the day. The head board, bred frame, mattress, box spring, and bedding. As they multiply, they spread out into the room, hiding wherever they feel secure; light switches, outlet plates, baseboards, furniture, curtains, literally anywhere. If left unattended, bed bugs will continue to increase in numbers and spill out into other rooms of your home, business, or into other apartments or rooms of lodging.

Bed bugs can be found anywhere the public interacts, as bed bugs can hide in the folds of clothing, luggage, purses, briefcases, and so on, where they then settle into wherever they are transported to. Air planes, buses, trains on the subway (any public transportation), theaters, offices, health care facilities, lodging establishments, and more.

Bed Bug Prevention

  • Inspect hotel/motel beds and the room for signs of bed bugs.
  • Avoid emptying your luggage and keep it zipped and secure when not in use.
  • Check out any 2nd hand purchases thoroughly before you bring it into your home.
  • Laundry-able items through in the dryer for 30 minutes on high to kill any eggs or bed bugs that might have slipped through.

Signs of Bed Bugs

  • Itchy red bite marks that are in a straight line as opposed to random circle patterns.
  • Bloody spots on the sheets.
  • Rusty residue - Fecal matter.
  • Piles of shed skin - which happens when the mature into the next life cycle.
  • Bed bugs visual.

Bed Bug Inspection, Detection, Prevention, Control, Treatment & Removal in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan NYC & Greater New York

Being that they multiply quickly, and are so small, they can quickly infest any home or business across the Greater Manhattan, NY area quickly. Always Ready Pest Control professionals are expertly trained and certified to detect bed bugs and efficiently exterminate them. If you suspect your home or business is infested with bed bugs in Manhattan, NY and surrounding area, contact Always Ready Pest Control immediately. Our methods and techniques are so effective that you will continue to rely on Always Ready Pest control for all of your pest control needs, be sure to save our contact information in your phone for fast and convenient scheduling.

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