Cockroach Control in Homes & Apartments

One pest that is a nasty nuisance for any homeowner is a cockroach. These nasty little insects are found all over the United States and are a big problem in New York. They are found outside and inside homes and are a real pain when trying to treat them. They are not a benefit to any home and that is why seeing them in your home can cause some panic. They tend to know when to hide and when they can come out to look for food. A cockroach will hide in the day time and stay out of the way so that they are not seen and when the night sets in the house and it is quiet they start to come out. They will run out from under an appliance or cupboard and give you a big surprise. Always Ready Pest Control offers our services to not only inspect for cockroaches but can treat and prevent them as well.

Always Ready Pest Control lists cockroaches that are common to the Manhattan, New York area.

Being able to identify cockroaches and other pests is half of the battle and the rest comes when you call the professionals at Always Ready Pest Control today!
American Cockroaches: The American cockroach is found all over the state of New York and they are one of the largest that are found. They can reach about two inches in length and have no problem entering a home in search of food and water just like most other pests. They are identified by their reddish brown color and have a very specific band of yellow behind their head. They are also a cockroach that has wings once they are fully developed and are able to fly and will if they feel threatened.
German Cockroaches: This is another type of cockroach that are known to cause some serious trouble for many homeowners. They are found indoors and in areas that they are able to reach particles of food which can be small like a crumb. They are smaller than an American cockroach and are only about half an inch in length. They are a light tan color and also have fully developed wings. Although they have a set of wings they are not able to actually fly. They also have two lines that run up the head to the top of the wings. This is a great identifying feature.
Oriental Cockroach: Don't let the name fool you. The Oriental Cockroach may not be from The US originally but has become a huge presence in the United States. They are a shiny black to dark brown color and the adult can reach all the up to one and a quarter inch. The male cockroach has wings that don't quite extend the entire length of the body and the females have no wings at all. The males have wings but they do not fly at all.