Deer & House Mouse Control

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Diseases Caused by Mice & Damage to Homes & Businesses

Most commercial businesses and residential homes of the Greater New York City area have had to experience mice at some point. These little rodents are everywhere, and with their high reproduction rate and generally filthy habits, they can quickly overrun your business building or residential dwelling. Mice are very destructive, gnawing and scurrying through drywall, utility lines, and contaminating food or areas where food is prepared. They can potentially cost thousands of damage to property in a short time frame. Along with their destructive habits, they are also likely capable of spreading germs and diseases. At first sight or even suspicion mice have invaded your home or business, it is highly recommended that you call in the professionals of Always Ready Pest Control before they are permitted to inflict excessive amount of damages or ailments.

House Mice & Deer Mice

There are two types of mice commonly found in New York; House Mice and Deer Mice.
House Mice - If you see or hear signs of a mouse in your house, it is likely a common house mouse. They are about 5½-7 inches in length with fairly large ears (in comparison to their bodies) and dark, beady eyes. House mice range in color from gray to brown and have a light brown belly.
Deer Mice - These are a very small species of mouse. They have very large beady eyes and ears in comparison to their body size. They can range in color from black to white but all have a distinctive white underbelly and white feet. Deer mice also have a long multi-colored tail.